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Why do you need to stress test your wealth? Why now?

With existing economic and market risks clouding the future, our stress testing process systematically evaluates whether the financial and related services and products you are using will deliver the results you expect while ensuring that you are not missing out of any meaningful opportunities. We can help you make sure that you are making smart decisions and confirm that you are working with truly capable professionals.

Common Issues Revealed by Our Stress Test

  • Taxable Income mitigation strategies were not considered.
  • Estate plans do not provide for heirs as desired.
  • Excessive amounts, overpriced or poorly structured life insurance.
  • Personal umbrella policies are inadequate.
  • Family wealth could easily be lost when children divorce.
  • Inheritors are likely to go to war.
  • Asset protection plans have deadly “backdoors”.
  • Charitable monies can easily be redirected.

Upon completing your stress test, we’ll go over your results with you and discuss available high-level solutions typically used by the ultra-wealthy and super-rich to help you keep, grow and protect your assets now and for future generations.

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Vince Annable, Host
CEO, VFO Advisory Group
Russ Alan Prince, Author
CEO, RA Prince & Assoc.

Check out this highlight from Vince Annable's podcast with noted author and family office consultant Russ Alan Prince.

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